Sunday, February 19, 2017

Blooming Beauty

This winter, in addition to a basil, I kept a pot of chives going as well. I also decided to attempt to overwinter my geranium.

It is doing so well, it is blooming.
Feels like spring.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Curtains, Round Two

I finally finished the second attempt at curtains for the Chemist's apartment and this is the result:

I managed to get the length correct this time. I also found some blanket edging that I thought would work for opening the curtains. The thick, insulating backing makes the curtains very stiff. One just can't pull them open.
This works nicely, I think.

Soon, the first try will be heading to university for the geologist's apartment. Hopefully, they will add some warmth (or shade as needed) and some feeling of home for him and his sweetheart.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Science Museum

I have a few free days scheduled throughout Miss Adventure's school year. Last Friday was one of those days. She asked if we could visit the science museum. Sounded like a plan to me.

The traveling exhibit was on the ice age. There were life size replicas complete with moving heads and loud noises.

There was this giant beaver from that time. As big as my little girl. Sort of reminded me of Narnia. :-D

Along with the models, we had the real thing, too. A leg bone and tusk from a mammoth.

And a full skeleton of a mammoth.

Miss Adventure loves to play in the castle area.
(She actually asked to have this photo taken.) 

I love these small stones here and there on the three story wall.

Putting on a puppet show.

Since we live in a fairly agricultural area, the area dedicated to our home has a section of a combine with a screen over the windshield showing various harvests. My favorite was harvesting cotton. 

We ended our day with a trip to the dome theater for an ice age film. (Someone was getting a bit worn out.) These dome movies get to me now. I was glad when it was finished.

All in all, a fabulous break from the routine.  

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Walking in the Woods

I finally downloaded photos off my camera and found some I had forgotten from a walk Miss Adventure and I went one last month.

She loves to scamper far ahead.

I found an interesting (at least to me) old stump covered with moss.

Miss Adventure had been given a dream catcher kit for Christmas and loved making it. It was fun to happen across one on the trail.

When we got home, geese. Lots and lots and lots of Canadian geese. They overwinter here often, covering everything with their droppings. Ugh.

Friday, January 20, 2017

For the Birds

Last weekend was the ice storm that wasn't. I am glad we only got minimal ice and more rain than was expected. Love that extra degree or two that kept the weekend from being quite so treacherous. Was not so for others on the great plains.

But ahead of the storm, our bird feeder was a busy place. The birds were preparing as well.

Kindness Matters.
Even for the birds.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

De-cluttering of a Different Kind

When I set de-cluttering as one of my resolutions for this year, I had in mind all the material, physical things that have sort of piled up. But there is a different kind of de-cluttering I just stumbled into.

We don't have a large number of time commitments. I have been reluctant to commit to very much. But there are some good things to be involved with that do require a commitment of time and schedule.

Miss Adventure has been taking dance lessons and had added in being a part of a dance company. Three times a week at the dance studio, plus performance opportunities. It was our only commitment, but it was demanding enough as it was. But she has discovered that, while she enjoys dancing, she doesn't love it enough to devote so much energy to it. In fact, just a couple of days ago she finally let me know she was finished. No more three times a week to the dance studio.

Now that doesn't mean she doesn't want to do anything. We have, instead, joined a once a week tumbling class at the Y. Month-to month commitment, no more. Once a week, no more. She feels such relief. I feel lighter. We will have weekends free to do things - IF we want to do things.

I need to remember just how good this feels. So that should other good and valuable opportunities come along, I evaluate carefully whether they are what's best for our family.

Happy, happy today.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A New Year

Thank goodness for the turning of the calendar and a fresh start. The goals for this year will remain basically the same, but with a few tweaks. Maybe this year I will accomplish something. :-D

Resolution Number 3 - Declutter

This year, instead of just a vague goal of decluttering some, I want a bit of a plan. So I've decided to create monthly goals.
January - Linen closets.
I want to dig it all out, see what I've got, figure out what I need, get rid of excess, and fill in any holes. One good snowy day inside ought to be enough to accomplish this one.
February - pantry.
I want to clear out any expired stuff, wash down shelves, and make a few improvements on organization.
March - Pots, pans, and dishes.
This is a bigger task, but this is the month of spring break. My goal in tackling this is to have the things I use frequently easier to access. Then I have accumulated a lot of "still good, but I have something nicer" things. Some of these have gone with the children who have moved out, but too many remain. This year they're going.
That's the first quarter mapped out. I'll figure the rest out as I go.

Resolution Number 2 - Health

While I want to lose weight, putting a number on it last year seemed to jinx the whole thing. So I have decided to concentrate on a healthier living goal. This is going to be a little more complicated in that I want to make several smaller changes that will hopefully end up making a difference. I want to take Anna swimming at least once a week. I also want to walk 7 miles a week. I want to move even more towards organic whole foods. Not really certain what that will actually look like. Need to think on that some more. I'll figure it out.

Resolution Number 1 - Scrapbooking
So I'm not setting a certain number of years goal, but I do know what needs to happen next. This year I'm going to hook up the old computers in the basement to see if there are any pictures from the missing years. I have an old, larger sized memory card which I will get someplace to investigate this year. I will also send out a request to relatives who might have a few photos from the missing years. Perhaps I can piece together something from that time.
In addition to the hunt for the missing years, I resolve to get a particular dresser cleaned off so that I can set up my supplies on it. Trying to make the process easier to get out and put away, hoping to be able to do more short sessions.

There it is.
Hooray for a new year and a fresh start.
Peace out and remember -
Kindness Matters!