Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wrapping Up the Year

To close out the year, I like to look back at the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year and see how I did.

Oh dear, on all three fronts I have fallen terribly short of where I hoped to be.

As far as decluttering has gone, I have not gotten nearly as far as I would have liked. I am so glad I did what little I managed to do. I wish I had gotten a lot more done as I have had to move all those postponed decisions to our new home.

As far as my health goals, well . . . I have managed not to gain any weight this year. Yay for small miracles. The stress of the last few months has pushed my soda intake up and my exercise time down.

And absolutely nothing was accomplished on my scrapbooks.

I do love the feeling of a fresh start with the new year.
Here's to 2018.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Yule Celebration

First, we were going to move to the new place in late October. Then it was to be Thanksgiving weekend. Then it was two weekends before Christmas. Then, the weekend before Christmas. Then I just stopped planning to move. (We finally ended up moving January 19.)

But even if we were not moved into our new place yet, I wanted to have our Yule celebration in our new home. I hadn't put up much in the way of decorations at the old place. The tree would have made our tiny living room look even smaller.

But since we'd need to move the tree soon anyway, I asked Mr. Wonderful to move it for our celebration. The bedrooms were finished, so we chose to set the tree up in the master bedroom, as it was the largest finished room.

The chemist arrived home bearing gifts, which we then hauled, along with the few things I had wrapped, over to the new place.

A small, not very decorated celebration. Lights only on the tree, no ornaments. But with all that we had going on, this was what we needed. Simple, for our first Yuletide in our new home.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Seven Days of Black and White

So there's been this thing making the social media rounds called Seven Days of Black and White. The idea is to post a B&W photo of one's every day life for seven days without any explanation.

As if I didn't have enough to do just now, I decided to participate. I wasn't able to blog much as I had so much going on. I needed a creative outlet. This appealed to me.

I managed to do four days.
My everyday life right now.
No explanation required. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Library Card

Miss Adventure stumbled across a book at the library, Tilly's Moonlight Garden - a chapter book that really caught her fancy. The chapters were short enough that she could read them fairly easily. The story's lead character was compelling to her. This book had her fall in love with reading.
:-)  :-)  :-)

(As an avid reader, this mama is super happy that at least one of her children finds reading enjoyable.)

She was ready for more. And she asked if she could get her own library card.

Well, of course.

Checking out for the first time on her own card.
Many happy adventures await her, between the pages of a book.

Monday, November 13, 2017

A Very Ill Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful has broken his left leg on two different occasions, decades apart. He has significant nerve damage and just doesn't "feel" his leg nearly as well as he should. And that allowed an infection to grow without notice. His last break gave him a lower leg that was always a little swollen and pinkish, which further masked the infection. Then Mr. Wonderful woke up Monday morning sick (yay, flu) with chills. Again masking the more serious infection. We were able to make it in to see his doctor that afternoon, and that's when we found out that he had a bad infection in his leg.

We saw the doctor every day except Tuesday that week. He got antibiotic shots and pills both. He spent the week in bed except for those visits to the doctor. The next week was Thanksgiving week. Mr. Wonderful was getting better, but not very fast. He went into work 2 days for a few hours, then spent the holiday weekend in bed. Finally, after two weeks, he could go to work full time, but just collapsed when he got home. He went to an infectious disease specialist, who ordered in some specialized antibiotic. It would take ten weeks before he finally was completely healed.

All during this time, I am trying to keep our old house "show ready." I am working as much as I can on renovations to our new house. I am trying to pack what I can for our very soon move. And that is why this blog post is actually being written in March. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Great Wolf Lodge

This year, to celebrate our 33 years, we did something a little different. We packed up three of the four children and headed for a Great Wolf Lodge is a quasi-close city.
 As our anniversary is in October, the lodge was decorated for Halloween.

For Friday evening's meal, we enjoyed a delicious steak at the lodge's restaurant.

He's just a guy waiting for his supper. :-)

Miss Adventure had a BLAST!! Our guy, not so much.

We managed to get in a round of mini-golf  between rain storms. That and the arcade seemed to be our guy's favorite activities.

While Miss Adventure loved swimming and the water slides, she especially enjoyed the MagiQuest game. We went up and down the halls on the upper floors solving riddles, waving our wands, and finding gold.
 It was a good time, but we were glad to get home on Sunday evening. Except for Miss Adventure, that is. Did I mention she had a blast? She talked about it for weeks. :-D

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Park Afternoons

Having the house you're living in for sale means vacating the premises for showings. So we hit some local parks for a couple of late afternoon appointments.


It's been hard for my guy, but he has been doing very well. Love how he is growing to be able to handle such disruptions to his life.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Getting Ready

Major change ahead for our little family. We have made an offer on a different house in our community. If it's accepted, we will need to sell our current house. And to do that, we need to make a few repairs.

Autism is sometimes expressed in putting holes in walls. We had attempted to keep the walls of our guy's room in good repair for awhile, but it was just so constant that we gave up for a time. Our guy, thankfully, is doing better now. So it's time to make repairs once again.

My father came up to help and Miss Adventure was pretty convinced he needed her help as well.
 I thought it was pretty sweet. :-)

Then the coolest thing - an owl came by.

I couldn't get a good photo, but I certainly tried. The arm of the street light is at the top of the pole. That bit sticking up beyond the arm is the owl. He was so cool. I've never seen an owl in our neighborhood in the almost 10 years we've lived here. He stuck around for about 10 minutes before flying off. A good omen, perhaps. :-)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Garden in August

I transplanted my geranium into a bigger pot.
Wow! Did it like that! From doing nothing all summer, it exploded into bloom.

I replanted the remainder of my pumpkin seeds. Their large leaves look so exotic. Hopefully, I will actually get some pumpkins this time. I spy a little one beginning.

My marigolds and small zinnias are looking fabulous since I got them weeded. They are attracting lots of butterflies.
My slicing tomatoes are just not keeping up with even one person (me). But my paste tomatoes are going crazy. I've already made 20 spaghetti sauces, 16 of which have made it to the freezer. And still they produce. I've tried a couple of salsa recipes, but nothing ever turns out how we like. Hmmm . . . I guess I will keep on experimenting.
My watermelon patch is producing. I just hope I can figure out when to harvest better this year.
I planted some giant zinnias in the potato patch. They should be blooming soon.
Peppers are doing fabulously.
The bees love the basil.
My carrots I just did not get harvested in time. The carrots themselves are too big, tough and woody. But the ferny foliage looks pretty, so they will stay in the ground a little longer.
I finally got the onion patch weeded. I had only little onions because of my neglect. Without the weeds, I would have had a bounty of onions. Resolving to do better next year!

And that's the story of the garden in August.


Monday, August 21, 2017


So cool to see the moon eclipse the sun. We weren't in the path of totality, but we got to 94%. Enough to recognize a reduction in light, but not all that dark. Like a cloud covering the sun. It did get noticeably cooler, but not a great deal. No stars visible, no animals starting their evening habits.

We did wear cool shades.

We did the colander as viewer.

A friend brought over a box with pinhole viewer.

My hanging plant made cool, lacy shadows.

Then Miss Adventure tired of the show.
Time for play!

Next eclipse we are definitely traveling to totality. What we got to see at home was pretty cool, but we want to see the real deal. So in 2024 we are hitting the road.
See you at the next eclipse!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer of Moving

The Chemist got a job in a closer town! Yay! She is very glad to leave the bigger city. She is a small town girl. But that meant packing up and moving.

First, we moved her home as she had a job, but hadn't found anything to rent that she liked yet. It was a bit of a commute, but doable.

Then, we helped Ben and his Sweetie move. Same town, just a nicer apartment, now that they are graduate students with teaching and research assistant jobs. 21 steps down to move out, then 5 up 8 down to move in. At least we were carrying stuff down the big set of steps.

Once Ben and his Sweetie were settled, the next weekend was moving the Chemist to the apartment she had found. 8 steps up. Getting easier?

Getting her set up so she can access weather reports should things look stormy.

Her front door.

The young one is getting restless.

But, at least the neighbors are quiet. :-D

Whew! Three weekends of moving in 6 weeks. I didn't need workout class those weeks. It's nice to have everyone settled.