Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hiking the Trail

My little guy has the full week off for Thanksgiving, so in a effort to keep it from being spent completely in front of a screen, I drug the littles off for a hike yesterday.

The college trail through a tiny bit of woods is a great place to spend a few hours.

The creek is fun to play in.

It is only a small woods, but one can feel a little isolated, if one ignores the noise from the nearby freeway.

I let them get quite a distance ahead of me. :-)

This young man loves throwing stones into water.

A game of Pooh sticks.

Miss Adventure wins. 

I love these old tress, so much character.

Some fungi in the crooks of the branches.

We arrived back at my vehicle just at 2 pm. Miss Adventure asked for happy hour slushies.
Well, why not?

Miss Adventure declared it the best day of her life. :-D

Friday, November 18, 2016

A Trip to the Botanical Gardens

A couple of days ago, I had business in the city. It was a gorgeous day, so Miss Adventure and I decided to stop by the botanical gardens. There were still lots of lovely things to see.

The botanical kaleidoscope is so cool.

In a circle around the kaleidoscope are plantings of herbs in a raised bed and in the wall. I love this little path.

The squirrels were busy, but didn't seem too concerned about our presence.

We stopped to feed the fish, but the food dispenser was closed up. The fish still expected treats though. :-D

We could see preparations for the holiday light displays all over. We even spied some forgotten fairies from spring's celebrations in the model train exhibit. Those will be switched out for children in stocking hats and gloves soon.

Everywhere were butterflies.

Fun in the children's garden.

And here is where my camera depleted its battery. We so enjoyed our visit to the gardens on a gorgeous late autumn warm day. It will be very different in just a few days as a cold front is making its way across the plains. Think warm thoughts. :-)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Final Harvest

The weather is changing so I spent some time in the garden this afternoon. I emptied the rain barrels, drained and rolled hoses, andMr. Wonderful blew out the sprinkler system last night.

I picked the last harvest. I am going to try to keep and ripen some green tomatoes this year. None of them were very big, but I'm still going to see what happens. Experience if nothing else. I have so very many little cherry tomatoes that I'm going to try those as well. Worst I can do is take a bowl of failure out to the compost pile. Who knows until one tries, right? I also got some jalapeno peppers and a couple of small green peppers.

I gave the pot of chives a haircut and brought it in. Also brought in my geranium and a potted basil. Hoping to have a few fresh herbs this winter.

Batten down the hatches and remember
Kindness Matters
Kindness Matters so very much.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Leaf Project

So I have like a bajillion things I "should" be doing, but I wanted to try to make a leaf flower. One of those things that passed through my newsfeed that I thought maybe I could do.

And here it is. I am delighted with how it turned out. Not nearly as pretty as the one I saw, but not too bad for me.

Now I have a lovely little fall bouquet of leaves. How perfect.
Just how long these lovely leaves will remain pretty, I am not sure. Perhaps they'll be dried out and breaking by tomorrow.
But for now, they make me smile.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Loving Autumn

I so love autumn. It is my favorite season. This year our trees are finally big enough to shed enough leaves to have . . .

. . . an actual leaf pile. Miss Adventure had been wanting to jump in the leaves, so one beautiful afternoon, we got out the rakes.

Midnight joined us.

And in the garden, my cherry tomato is loaded with sweet jewels.

My geranium looks great and even my porch petunias are hanging in there.

Peace out and remember
Kindness Matters!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


We had such a blast on Halloween. Miss Adventure even missed Hip Hop class, her favorite, for the once a year party.

My crew was pretty solemn as they posed for me. Halloween is pretty serious business. :-)

But we had carved our pumpkins on Sunday, a kitty for Miss Adventure and a scary one for Mama.
And while Mr. Wonderful took the littles out for two hours on this beautiful night, I stayed at home a waited for little children.

I had 80 bags ready and needed 51 (a note to self for next year, prep 60 bags and have a little extra on hand).

Gorgeous night for a great neighborhood party!
I love Halloween.
:-) :-) :-)