Thursday, June 23, 2016

Saturday Night

The weekend of graduation there were all sorts of activities. The chemist chose to go to a few. As an off campus transfer student, she wasn't as immersed in campus life as most students. One that she agreed to attend was the family ice cream social. Now she doesn't eat ice cream, makes her ill, but her little brother and sister love the stuff. Plus her little sister wanted to be a part of things in some way.
So the chemist had toppings while the rest of us enjoyed the ice cream.

It was a beautiful evening, so we walked around on campus a little before heading home.
The threshing stone, which will be moved for graduation ceremonies.

Miss Adventure getting her sister to be a little goofy.
 Everybody's goofy. :-D

Tomorrow (Sunday, May 22) will be the big day.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I'm pausing the catching up of our activities to share a garden update. It is growing so fast. The pictures I took just a few days ago are already "old." But . . .
This year we have put up a 2 foot high fence to attempt to keep rabbits at bay. I think they may still be able to get in, but it's a lot harder and they just don't try to often. I am actually able to get little plants started this year. Yay! We can step over the fence, and, in a couple of weeks, the plants will hopefully be big enough that we can take it down for the rest of the summer.
On the deck, my flower boxes are so colorful.
I have finally managed to get a decent sized basil plant in my big pot. This will hopefully be a plant we can take in to have fresh basil all winter. The chives are looking good as well.
My cherry tomato is at the top of its cage.

And it has tons of little tomatoes. And I've now got a couple that are a day or two away from ripe!
 In the garden, the tomatoes are looking good and bearing tons of fruit.
The watermelon plants are just beginning to spread.
The potatoes are close to being ready for harvest. :-)
Pepper plants haven't really grown much yet, but still I have a pepper or two ready to eat.
In my corn flowers I found a bee!
And the corn flowers (or bachelor's buttons as I grew up calling them) are in my corn. I planted 4 kernels each spot I wanted 1 plant, hoping for better luck at having my plots in sync - important for corn. I've had to pull up several plants, since our rabbit fence is working so well, but I think I managed to get the corn all up at the same time.
I'm trying the three sisters method again. Only this year I waited until the corn had been up a week or two before planting the beans and the pumpkins. The pumpkins are looking fabulous. I do have beans in there as well, just harder to tell.
One of two new strawberry patches and last year's patch really producing the berries. The onions are ready now as well.
 All four of our apple trees seem to be doing well.
 But only one of the four cherry trees lived through the winter. We'll try again this fall for it needs a pollinator. 

Took just two days to empty the rain barrels. I'm thinking I need more capacity! :-D

Stay cool and remember -
Kindness Matters!

Friday, June 17, 2016

My Little Guy

In the midst of all the activity of May, my little guy turned 15!

His birthday did get a little lost amidst all the painting and prepping for graduation. But he did ask for cupcakes and could they be vanilla, please? You bet! We had enough to send some to school the day before classes let out. This year, his birthday was the first day of summer break. Last year, we had taken off 2 days early in order to afford our beach condo, where his birthday happened during vacation. Next year, son, next year, it shouldn't be so overshadowed.

And in honor of his birthday, I will share a story of something that happened just a couple of days ago. He was playing Minecraft while I was working with Miss Adventure finishing up her school. (We had been working ahead, knowing that once I started painting things would slow down. They slowed way down and we got a teensy bit behind. We've just a few more things to finish up.) I noticed that he was making a sign. I went back a few minutes later and asked to see the sign. He ignored me, setting blocks in a new building, but I persisted. Finally, he said, "I can't do that right now." WOW! I was delighted by this complete sentence. Not just "no," but a sentence that recognized my request, but politely put it off. Later, when I paused to check out his world, he set off on some quest. I waited a bit, then he entered the building where he had made the signs. On one door,"boys restroom," and on another, "girls restroom." So cool. He remembered my request, was at a stopping place so he could show me. I'm pretty pleased.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


So I've finally gone through April's photos. On to May. The week before graduation, we took off for the city with a list of errands. But the zoo had just opened to members its new elephant exhibit. We had to stop. We were a team on a mission, heading right for the new exhibit at a very quick pace.
 The new exhibit is wonderful. Lots of space for these beautiful creatures. And a little spot for a few pelicans, too.

There's even a swimming hole with waterfall.
The chemist is looking much more relaxed these days as she only has one final, and that's not for another six days.
Their barn is huge, bigger than the former outdoor exhibit.
And equipped with a Big Ass Fan. Mr. Wonderful gets these trade magazines for the construction world, and one of the advertisers is a company that makes very large fans, Big Ass Fans. Their logo is, of course, a donkey. We know a Big Ass Fan when we see one. :-D

One of the things I love about zoo membership is that one can stop by the zoo just to see one or two things. One doesn't have to spend all day to get one's value from admission. For many years for us, just two visits in a year and the membership was the less expensive way. Now, we purchase a premium level both to support our zoo, and to allow us to bring one of the first family without additional cost. Today, it was a quick visit to see the elephants!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Garden Start

With all the extra this spring, it was very hard to get the garden started, but somehow I managed.
 The potatoes actually went in on time. I began to worry if very many would come up. A couple of plants were quick and vigorous, leaving me to wonder about the rest, but, eventually, every potato planted came up! The plants are so much bigger now. Which has me anticipating a good harvest. :-)

Last year's strawberry starts began producing berries so early this year.

 I had this little set up to start seeds. Then I left them out one afternoon to soak up some sun while I painted. I was exhausted at the end of the day and simply forgot them. The wind kicked up and my little tray went flying. Here's the second try. But it was just too late.
I finally ended up buying plants for my peppers and tomatoes this year. There's always next year! And with all my busyness, some of these almost didn't make it as I took so very long to get them into the garden itself.
Like the irises, the viburnum bloomed like madness. However, my lilacs were damaged by a late frost. I guess one can't have them all.

In our cottonwood, I found a nest again this spring.
 With a couple of robin's eggs. The eggs have since hatched, and the little birds have grown and flown away.  

Weeding is now desperately needed. I must post current garden photos soon. It's looking good this year!  

Monday, June 13, 2016

Wrapping Up Senior Year

The last few weeks of her college days, the chemist was busy wrapping up several ongoing projects.
First, there was the student art show (both the drawing of the man sitting and the blue wolf are the chemist's work), where all non-art major students exhibit some of their work. Miss Adventure and I made it over to check out her pieces.

The blue wolf picture was also used in the student art magazine. It had a cool poem with it. So neat to be chosen.

 One of her goals in painting this final semester was to study light. Hence, a night scene on campus.
 She also displayed her final project of the prior year, an assignment to take a recognized master painting, divide it into 25 sections, then paint 24 in the style of 12 different masters and the final section in your own way. Bizarre, but cool.
She also had a couple of paintings that she traded with potters. This really colorful underseascape.

And this fantasy work. Also, very cool to have your work desired by your fellow artists.

She was particularly pleased with a couple of details on this one. The scaly effect achieved on the mermaid's skin.

And the distance effect with the gathering sharks.

Finally, there was the senior presentation. I was able to run over to campus to support her. The culmination of 2 year's work. And she was very glad to have it finished.
 In the midst of painting the house and finishing school, my irises bloomed like madness this spring.
Kindness matters.