Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I Did It!

Geologist Ben turned 25 yesterday. Since his sweetheart was on the West Coast, he came home for supper and a little celebration.
  What a guy.
 Now this cake didn't look like much from the outside, but when one cut into it . . .
 How cool is this? I tried the rainbow cake idea again and made it work.
Sorry, but I was just so giddy it actually turned out. So pretty. But with thin cake layers held together with frosting, it's really sweet.

Also sweet, Ben and his buddy spent most of the evening gaming against each other, but before they took off they did one FIFA game three against the computer, including Miss Adventure.
Too sweet.

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Late Look at Christmas

I hosted my family for the winter holiday this year. My parents arrived on the 25th. We spent the afternoon at the zoo, as you know. 
The sunset that evening was full of gorgeous color.
My sister and her husband arrived on the 26th.
I actually set a table *with* holiday pretties. I had to take a photo because this doesn't happen very often and I was very pleased with how it turned out. :-)

My sister brought gifts. For the littles - one an x-box game and one a Wii game. And I have been so grateful for Mario cart this past week, the second week of winter break, too cold to be out much. 
 Plus each little also received a nerf bow with missles.
 How much fun that is! How hard not to shoot them off in the house. But my littles have been so good! They bundle up, go outside and shoot for a bit, then hustle back into the warmth.
Once my parents departed to beat the night and rain, we got out this awesome puzzle. Two thousand pieces. It's a good, addicting puzzle.

My little guy saw it lying out Saturday night while Mr. Wonderful and I took advantage of the geologist's offer of sitting. He helped clear the table by boxing it. I almost cried when we got back home that night.

But Sunday afternoon I looked in the box. He had carefully placed the already pieced areas in the box intact. Whew! The chemist and I worked all Sunday afternoon. All Sunday evening. Then I, afraid my little guy would help by putting it away again, had to stay up ALL Sunday night working on it. I finished around 8 am Monday morning. UGH! But I *had* to finish.

May your puzzles be solved.
And not take all night.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!!

A new year. A blank slate. A fresh start.

I love the start of a new year. So many possibilities and such a sense of release from old burdens. If I didn't reach some goals last year, well, that's last year. This year holds a fresh hope. :-)

So what are my resolutions for the coming year? Only three. I know what I can handle, and I don't want to dilute my efforts by trying to focus on too many things.

Resolution number 1 - Scrapbook 5 years worth.

This one is getting kind of old. But it is important. I want to do it. My resolution within a resolution is that if I have not found the next two years of photos by May 1, then I must leave it and go on. I don't want to because these two years include the birth of Miss Adventure. Add upon that how OCD I can be. I do *NOT* want to go out of order. It will be very difficult for me to move on without completing the missing two years. But I *can* go back if I ever do find them. It would be worse to just stop. There it is.

Resolution number 2 - Lose 20 pounds.

My second resolution is generally health related, but I've resisted actually putting a number down for weight loss. However, I managed 20 pounds last year; I can manage another. A couple of things I have learned. Exercise makes you fit, diet makes you slim. At least for me. I really haven't found a life habit that works for me yet. I will keep searching. I did find a couple of things that have helped. I have switched from my loved Dr. Pepper to Mexican Coke. Cane sugar versus HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). It has been easier to cut back on the amounts of soda I consume after switching. Plus right after the switch, I finally began losing some weight. Not sure how I'm going to do it, but I have a couple more things to try. And there's always what has been effective, but unpleasant. Skipping supper. Going to bed hungry is not fun, but it seems to help if I start plateauing again. (And I have been steady for about two months now, time to bust a plateau.)

Resolution number 3 - Declutter

I usually like to make my third resolution focused on family, but this next year is full of uncertainty. The geologist is currently taking some soils classes to prepare for employment by the USDA. Don't know where he'll end up after May. He also is in a relationship with a really great woman. Where might that lead? The chemist graduates in May and will be job hunting. Where will she end up? How long will she be at home here? Too much uncertainty to plan for the year. I do have plans for a few adventures, but nothing set in stone.

However, the past couple of months I have been able to clear out a couple of "piles." I'm working on another couple of "piles" right now. Finally, for the first time since we moved, I'm making progress on sorting, clearing, organizing, and tossing some things that were just stuck in a spot "for now." A now that has lasted far too long. I won't bore you with my specific plan, but this week I am formulating a plan of attack. I am almost giddy with the thought of ridding myself of the burden of too much stuff. :-)

Peace out, happy new year, and don't forget -
Kindness Matters.