Saturday, June 10, 2017

Drama Camp

Miss Adventure was very excited that, after taking a year off, our community theater group was once again offering a summer drama camp for grade school aged children. She spent a week of afternoons learning songs and script pieces for a short segment from the Little Mermaid (the production the theater group is doing this summer).

One afternoon, they worked on scenery, making a seaweed backdrop and constructing "coral" from cups, glue, and paint.

Another afternoon, they worked on creating their own costumes from whatever scraps the theater had and things they could scrounge up themselves.

They could choose to either have a solo verse in a song or to do a small segment of  dialog. Miss Adventure chose dialog and really wanted to be Scuttle, the gull. She and Sebastian had a short chat about setting a romantic mood leading up to "Kiss the Girl."

After the show, an excited thespian posed for her adoring fans. :-) 

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