Saturday, May 20, 2017

Birthday Party, Sort of

My guy has gone to a few birthday parties for fellow students. The popular thing to do seems to be bowling, and he's seemed to enjoy those parties. So about a month before his birthday, we asked if he'd like to have a bowling birthday party. He seemed genuinely excited about the prospect.

So we made arrangements at a local bowling alley and sent out invitations. A couple of his classmates said they'd be there. But then for some reason we will never know, my guy decided that a birthday party was the worst thing that could happen.  He even missed his class's end of school year bowling party (which happened to fall on his actual birthday), he was so sick with dread about his own party which was to follow in just two days.

He had so enjoyed picking out candy and trinkets for take-home bags for party goers. He picked out with certainty the cake he wanted, the frosting, the sprinkles, and the candles. But when the Saturday of his party arrived, he was very distressed about it. He absolutely did not want to go. But we had already laid plans, invited classmates, and reserved the alley. We couldn't back out now.

So off we went. He sat with his head on his arms at a counter the whole time. One friend was so upset that my guy wasn't enjoying his party that he wouldn't bowl either. But Ben and Jess had come for the "festivities," the other classmate was ready to bowl, and Miss Adventure was having a blast.

The five of us bowled. We enjoyed cupcakes and handed out goodie bags and asked our guests sign an old bowling pin. Then we departed. Not the most successful party. Next year, just family. But we did try.
Later, I plated the remaining cupcakes and lit his candles. I thought with the stress of the party past my guy might like to blow out candles and have a little family celebration. But nothing doing. He was making sure I knew he was still upset about the whole day. Ah, well, it is what it is. However, a couple of hours later I did notice a few cupcakes were missing. It's hard to resist cupcakes with sprinkles, even if you're mad. :-)

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