Sunday, April 16, 2017

Egg Hunt

Easter Sunday and time to celebrate spring with an egg hunt!

Over the years, I have accumulated a large and colorful collection of plastic eggs.

And it gets harder each year to find enough spots to hide them all!

With the chemist home from the big city for the weekend, Miss Adventure was anxious for her to be a hunter this year.

Old hiding spots are usually a good place to check for we have few hiding places and lots of eggs. Here, it's a depression by a sprinkler control box.
But sometimes you can walk right past one out in the open. Yes, that's a pink egg balanced in one of my tomato cages.

But finally there was but one egg left to find (that we hiders remembered).

A purple "tie-dyed"one, carefully snugged in a branch near the swing set.

Hot and cold clues had them oh-so-close.

But the chemist's sharp eyes spied it first.

A blessed spring to all.

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