Friday, February 24, 2017

Nature Center

My little guy had last Friday off school so I decided we should check out the Nature Center in the city. It was a beautiful, warm February day, perfect for exploring someplace new.

We started by checking out the Nature Center's exhibits. It is a small, but cool center. The neatest thing is the live screech owl. At first, I thought it was just a stuffed exhibit, like the others. I was surprised when he turned his head and blinked. So cool.
What I really like about the center is that it has so many things to touch! Here, several fur sections were mounted to the wall so one could feel the different animals.

There was also this display with lots of things to pick up and check out. Some small animal skulls, snake skin, pine cones, acorns, shells, special rocks . . . so lovely to have a place where one is encouraged to touch and learn.

After checking out the center, it was time to walk the trails. I think these are bat houses.



Great day exploring a little bit of prairie in the city.

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