Saturday, February 25, 2017

Less Is More

January's de-clutter goal was the linen closets. Last Saturday, February 18, the goal was accomplished! A little late, but so what. I have neat, tidy closets. I know what's in them. The contents are easily accessible.

So much better that stuffed full of so much that I really didn't know what I had. And should I want to actually get anything out, I generally ended up with a pile tumbling out on my head. Big pile of worn and torn things in the trash bin. Two big bags ready to be donated.

Less really is more because now that I have only what I need, I can easily get it and use it.

Now for February's goal . . .

Peace out.
Remember Kindness Matters.
And may your closets contain what you need,
but only what you need.

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