Tuesday, January 17, 2017

De-cluttering of a Different Kind

When I set de-cluttering as one of my resolutions for this year, I had in mind all the material, physical things that have sort of piled up. But there is a different kind of de-cluttering I just stumbled into.

We don't have a large number of time commitments. I have been reluctant to commit to very much. But there are some good things to be involved with that do require a commitment of time and schedule.

Miss Adventure has been taking dance lessons and had added in being a part of a dance company. Three times a week at the dance studio, plus performance opportunities. It was our only commitment, but it was demanding enough as it was. But she has discovered that, while she enjoys dancing, she doesn't love it enough to devote so much energy to it. In fact, just a couple of days ago she finally let me know she was finished. No more three times a week to the dance studio.

Now that doesn't mean she doesn't want to do anything. We have, instead, joined a once a week tumbling class at the Y. Month-to month commitment, no more. Once a week, no more. She feels such relief. I feel lighter. We will have weekends free to do things - IF we want to do things.

I need to remember just how good this feels. So that should other good and valuable opportunities come along, I evaluate carefully whether they are what's best for our family.

Happy, happy today.

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