Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Sad Story

At the end of the year, I evaluate how I did on my New Year's resolutions. This year it is a rather sad story. Not so well.

Resolution number 3 - Declutter.

I actually have *more* stuff at the end of a decluttering year than at the beginning. So this is a Fail in that sense. On the other hand, Mr. Wonderful's mother moved into assisted living in February. We ended up with several pieces of furniture, lots of glass ware, lots of art and art supplies (his mother majored in art), a multitude of books (his mother was also a special needs teacher for many years), and just a lot of miscellaneous. If I hadn't been in declutter mode, we would have been buried. So it was a success in that sense. It is what it is.

Resolution number 2 - lose 20 pounds

I had always resisted actually putting a weight number in resolutions, but the year before I had managed to lose 20 pounds, so, hey, let's do it again. How hard can it be? I really don't know what I changed, but not only did I not lose 20 pounds, I regained 15 of 2015's loss. Such a discouragement. Big Fail on this one.

Resolution number 1 - do 5 years of scrapbooking

Did not touch this one. At all. Big Fail.

So that's the sad story of 2016.
But 2017 is a new year.
I can always try again.

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