Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Garden Lights

Tuesday evening, the littles, the geologist and his girl, and I all met Mr. Wonderful in the city to visit the gardens. It was a perfect night, enough chill to suit the season, but not so cold as to make it miserable to be out.

The gardens are such a magical place when the holidays lights are on during the dark evenings.

Our first stop is always the model train. My Guy loves to watch it.

On a back trail, we found a number of miniature houses.

The area where the lights are set to music also fascinates my guy. He quietly watched for the whole song.

White lights across the large lawn are what is mostly used, but I loved it when all the colored lights went on.

It was after Christmas, so Santa was back at the North Pole leaving his chair empty for photo ops. :-)

Goofy kids.
It was a great evening for the gardens.

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