Monday, December 26, 2016

Family Fun

On Monday, my family gathered here to celebrate.

My sister brought some very well wrapped gifts to play the oven mitt game with.

Even our father got into the spirit of things.

This was followed by an intense game of Bop-It.

Then my sister appeared with shrunken hands. For some reason we found the tiny hands hilarious.

Aunt also brought presents for the littles. Miss Adventure received a couple of toys and some great clothes. She is stylin' now.
We then played a rousing game of Pit, in which the Geologist was triumphant. Miss Adventure really wanted to play Monopoly. We were hesitant, but gave in, but insisted on regulation rules. (If you follow the actual rules, the game truly goes a quicker.) Miss Adventure enjoyed it for a while, then grew bored and ended up trading with the Geologist, giving him waaaay too much for a railroad. From there, it didn't take long for him to wipe out the rest of us. We had 6 playing, which really made a difference in the opening rounds. Who went first was more likely to find property to buy. Although Uncle went last (and he had to go completely around the board once before he landed on unpurchased property), he did not end up being first bankrupt. He actually finished third. Not bad.

I finally have a board game playing child.

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