Monday, December 12, 2016

Dance Observation Week

The end of the semester means dance observation week where we parents can take a peek at what our students are doing in class and take a few pictures, too. I missed her Hip Hop and Jazz classes, but I made it to Acting and Dance Company.

A little goofing off for the camera before acting class presents its show.

They did a bit from Annie, "You're Never Really Dressed Without a Smile."

Ready for Broadway . . . well, probably not, but she enjoyed her class and learned a lot about team work.

Next up, was dance company. We saw them rehearsing a piece, "Techo Jeep."

She's the youngest in the company and the only new one this year, so she's struggling to fit in while learning choreography. Her understanding of the whole picture of the dance has greatly improved. Way to dance, Miss Adventure!

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