Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas at the Zoo

It was misty, but warm for our regular Christmas Day trip to the zoo. This has been such a fun tradition for us.

Every trip to the zoo begins with feeding the goldfish.

As it was so warm, we skipped the indoor exhibits and headed for North America. The black bears were actually active today.

This one had just finished getting a drink. The littles were delighted when he then decided it was time to poop. :-D

The river otter keepers had just put some live fish in the otter's exhibit. We spent quite a bit of time watching the otter chase down and devour his lunch.

The Mexican wolves were also out and active today. This one kept a wary eye on us.

On the other hand, the bison were doing what bison do.

When we arrived at the tiger exhibit, this guy was laying in the stream.

Up close and personal!

We stopped by the gorilla exhibit to see if the baby was out. But no, we just keep missing the days he's out.

Someone was not in the best of humors, . . . 

. . . but the crowned cranes were doing a cool dance.

Next we headed to the elephants. We were enjoyed the great weather, when I looked back to the west. The clouds had gotten very, very dark.

We decided it was best to scoot along, but visit exhibits as we headed for the exit.

The lion was pacing; he could sense a change in the atmosphere. Then it started sprinkling, changing quickly to a cold rain. We began hustling straight for the exit.
Enough zoo for today.

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