Thursday, November 17, 2016

Final Harvest

The weather is changing so I spent some time in the garden this afternoon. I emptied the rain barrels, drained and rolled hoses, andMr. Wonderful blew out the sprinkler system last night.

I picked the last harvest. I am going to try to keep and ripen some green tomatoes this year. None of them were very big, but I'm still going to see what happens. Experience if nothing else. I have so very many little cherry tomatoes that I'm going to try those as well. Worst I can do is take a bowl of failure out to the compost pile. Who knows until one tries, right? I also got some jalapeno peppers and a couple of small green peppers.

I gave the pot of chives a haircut and brought it in. Also brought in my geranium and a potted basil. Hoping to have a few fresh herbs this winter.

Batten down the hatches and remember
Kindness Matters
Kindness Matters so very much.

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