Friday, November 18, 2016

A Trip to the Botanical Gardens

A couple of days ago, I had business in the city. It was a gorgeous day, so Miss Adventure and I decided to stop by the botanical gardens. There were still lots of lovely things to see.

The botanical kaleidoscope is so cool.

In a circle around the kaleidoscope are plantings of herbs in a raised bed and in the wall. I love this little path.

The squirrels were busy, but didn't seem too concerned about our presence.

We stopped to feed the fish, but the food dispenser was closed up. The fish still expected treats though. :-D

We could see preparations for the holiday light displays all over. We even spied some forgotten fairies from spring's celebrations in the model train exhibit. Those will be switched out for children in stocking hats and gloves soon.

Everywhere were butterflies.

Fun in the children's garden.

And here is where my camera depleted its battery. We so enjoyed our visit to the gardens on a gorgeous late autumn warm day. It will be very different in just a few days as a cold front is making its way across the plains. Think warm thoughts. :-)

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