Monday, October 3, 2016

What a Week

While the chemist is launching quickly, there are still several hurdles to leap as quickly as we can. One was accomplished last week - she has a new-to-her vehicle. Yay!

We had put off replacing her car until she had work. Hers still functioned, and should it not, we were close by. We are not so close by now that she's in the big city. We can't run her to work if it doesn't start. We can't rescue her from the side of the road if it just dies.

So this past week we hunted down a vehicle. Purchased on Wednesday. Insured and licensed on Friday. Delivered on Saturday. Whew! Big Item number one accomplished. We feel so much better about her driving now.

Time to tackle Big Item number two.  I went up to see her and deliver her vehicle on Saturday. Then we went apartment hunting. We've found a great apartment so close to work that if something did happen she *could* walk. (Though the big city seems to really dislike sidewalks. There isn't a single sidewalk between what we hope will be her place and her work.) She delivered the application paperwork and deposit checks today. Hopefully, the screening won't take too long and we will know for certain soon. Shouldn't be a problem, but I still worry. Once approved, there is still the wait until the apartment is open. Then the final Big Item, actually moving her in. Whew!

I will rest much easier once she's settled. She's handling the commute, but a mother worries. We will miss her, but we are *so excited* for her. Soon to be independent in the big city. Wow!

Big city or small town -
Kindness Matters!

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