Thursday, October 27, 2016

Moving Day

Last Sunday was moving day for our Chemist.

We loaded up early and headed for the big city.

We were so grateful that my sister and her husband, and Geologist Ben and his Sweetie were able to meet us there to help.

She has a nice place on the second floor with a tiny balcony.

The steps to her place.

And right next door, a park.

Still need to hang some of her art, but she's got the essentials of life.

After all was unloaded, a hungry crew hit a nearby restaurant on a slow Sunday afternoon. The establishment must not get very many requests for a party of 9. So we had a kids' table. Then Mr. Wonderful, my sister, BIL, and I had another. We were so amazed at how well My Little Guy ordered for himself and generally talked more than usual. Wow. Thanks big kids for helping with the smaller kids so Dad and I could have an adult restaurant meal. :-)

We were so tired by the time we got home. But much was accomplished. Our chemist in the big city.

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