Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Still Alive

So it's been forever since I've posted. Main reason, I just don't want to face sorting through the photos from Miss Adventure's birthday at the end of July. I have had such a hard time this year with keeping up with photos. I will eventually get to it. Or not.

In the mean time, August has come and gone with lots of good rain for my garden. My garden has given me lots of tomatoes with plenty of fresh basil, so I've managed to put 7 spaghetti sauces in the freezer for this winter, plus we had 4 or 5 fresh spaghetti dinners. I've gathered 3 cantaloupe and have 3 more on the vine. Onions have been a huge success. I'm starting with a bundle of young plants again next spring! I've got 2 buckets of onions on the back deck and have used many pounds straight from the garden this summer. Also, I've been out to pick fresh jalapeno peppers for making refried beans several times.

But it is not all glorious success. Watermelon continues to mystify me as to when to pick. I've picked a couple just barely in time before they were totally inedible. The three sisters of corn, squash, and beans has not gone so well. With our fence this year, I was able to get corn up and growing reasonably synched. However, I needed to hand pollinate, and I did not get that done. Thus I have ears that have few kernels in them. I may leave this crop to locals who know what they're doing and just plan on buying it seasonly. My pumpkins - alas, most of them rotted in the beds. I tried to pick some of the later ones sooner, but ended up with rotting pumpkins on my deck table. I've ended up with 2 very small pumpkins. But I love the seeds so much, I will try again next year. The beans in the three sisters plantings aren't doing very well either, but I did put in a patch of just beans where I had harvested potatoes. And said potatoes, after a good harvest from the first patch, I just didn't get as much from the other patches. The ground was not loose enough to allow for good growth. Definitely trying again next year, but I'm going to have to try to ensure looser soil. My tomatoes are about finished, just little ones now. Next garden job, clean up and put in cover crops.

In the midst of harvesting, school has once again started. My little guy has had the best start to school ever!!! Having the same teacher, same school, same routine this year as last has been a tremendous help for him. For Miss Adventure, I managed to find several books second hand and sell several of the books we no longer need. She and I have gotten off to a fabulous start. Three weeks in and we are not behind in anything, and we're even ahead in art. :-D

We spent the day at the zoo yesterday. My little guy's school took a four day weekend for the holiday. That's another post with a bajillion photos to sift through first. Maybe I'll get it done by the end of the month. Or not.

May your fall be rainy and cool and your projects well on their way to completion.
And don't forget:
Kindness Matters.

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