Friday, September 9, 2016

Miss Adventure Turns Nine

Near the end of July, Miss Adventure celebrated her ninth birthday. Big brother Ben came home to help celebrate. (In a couple of weeks, Ben's sweetheart would be back from the coast with a very special present - an American girl doll! Camille!)

We took off for the zoo on the hot and humid day. Ben had not yet seen the new elephants. We started in the ape building.

Checking out the baby orangutan.

Hanging with the apes. :-)

Out of the ape building, we traveled the bamboo shaded path, the insects singing and complete lack of breeze made it a jungle.

Next we traveled through the aviary. Beautiful birds.

This guy walked right past us on the path.


Miss Adventure had often asked to view through the scope. Today, I said yes.

She also requested another boat ride. I went for tickets while the crew stayed in the cool of the gorilla indoor exhibit. I got tickets for the last boat of the day! It sold out long before it left the dock.
Today we sailed on the Murky Green. After a slight *ahem* adjustment of passengers so the boat didn't tip over, we were off.


Once the boat ride was over, we were hot, tired, and hungry so . . .

Lunch at El Patio!

At home we opened presents. She received a cool necklace made from colored pencils. Her grandmother had started it years ago, her sister finished it. But her favorite - a small tablet.

Happy birthday, little one.     

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