Thursday, September 22, 2016

Launch Two

When we launched Ben into the world, it was a rather soft launch. First to dorms, home on holidays and weekends. Then dorms further away. When he was working on an oil rig, it was gone for four or five weeks, home for one or two weeks. Now he's in an apartment at university, pretty much on his own. A successful, but gradual launch.

For our chemist, it has been a much longer time to actual launch, but a much faster lift off. She has lived at home during her college years for several reasons, money certainly, but others as well. Now graduated, she has been living at home while job hunting. I had really thought she'd find work fairly close by summer's end. But August came and went with no prospects.
Then it happened.
With unexpected suddenness, she is launching.

Two weeks ago, she was baking cakes and going to the zoo with the littles and me.

Finally, she got a call for an interview. Scheduled for Tuesday, a week ago. In the bigger city. Three hours away.

She and I packed a picnic lunch and hit the road. (We simply didn't trust her car, she can't drive my stick, and who wants to spend 6 hours on the road solo when you can have company!) While we sat in the parking lot of the company she was to interview with, eating our lunch and unwinding a bit, she got a call. Another interviewed scheduled for Friday. This one much closer, in our close city. Wow! Two face to face interviews in one week.

She felt the interview went well. We traveled home.

Wednesday, she had a job offer. Wow! Going to an interview with an offer in her pocket. Very cool.

She felt the interview Friday went well, but they had to get authorization to make an offer. We discussed things. She pondered things. She accepted the offer in the bigger city. To start Wednesday (yesterday as I write this).

I was expecting a week or two delay between interview and offer. And another week or two delay between offer and start date.
They needed her.

So yesterday, Mr. Wonderful followed her to the bigger city to make sure her car made it. We are searching for a better car for her. She is living with Mr. Wonderful's sister while she gets settled in at work. We've begun the apartment search. But she is out in the world on her own. Wow. That was fast. We are so proud of her.

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