Saturday, September 24, 2016

For the Love of Singing

It has been over five years since I've done much of any singing, and nearly ten years since I've sung any good choral pieces. Singing is such an enjoyment for me. I have needed to find an outlet. So last February I began searching the internet off and on for somewhere to sing. I never could find anything for my hometown, but I did find contact information for the chorus for the symphony orchestra in the city. WooHoo! Well, except that I was too late to join for the spring concert. Rats! I ended up painting the house and hosting a graduation party instead. :-D

But I knew where to watch for start times for this fall. And I did it. I joined the chorus. We've had three practices thus far. And it is so much fun! As a bonus, I ran into someone I knew from my hometown who had contact information for a chorus here at home. They just do a spring concert, but their practices, for the most part, do not conflict with the city's rehearsals. Yay! Message to that coordinator in process. We shall see if I can wrangle and invitation to join the local chorus.

In the mean time in the city, we are singing a gorgeous Brahm's piece . . . in the original German. I love the piece, especially the second part which descends into hell. Love those lush, dark passages. I have found learning the German particularly challenging, but finally I have these German phrases running through my head. I will have it memorized by performance, I'm sure.
So. Much. Fun.

It has meant that Mr. Wonderful does have to be sure to be timely home on rehearsal nights. And remember Miss Adventure at dance class. So it has added some scheduling stress. But Mr. Wonderful understands how important it is to me. So very nice to have something for me. :-)
 It does make me so very happy.

Doch uns is gegeben auf keiner Statte zu ruhn,
Es schwinden, es fallen die leidenden Menschen
Blindlings von einer Stunde zur arden,
Wie wasser von Klippe su Klippe geworfen,
Jarl lang ins Ungewisse hinab.

Ah, such good stuff! :-D

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