Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Books! Books! Books!

One of my goals for this year has been to declutter. I just have too many closets, corners, shelves, and such filled with too much "I'll get to that someday" type things. Too much psychic burden. All these "things" I "should" be devoting my life energy to. But my life is worth so much more than many of these "things" deserve.  And one of the things that I tend to collect is books.

Books have a special magic, especially if one tends to read a lot. There is such promise of knowledge. The keys to unlock mysteries. The information one needs. They also have this aura of value as well. I grew up reading the Laura Ingalls Little House series. The family had one book besides the family Bible, and that one book was treasured. For centuries, books were only found in the homes of the wealthy or the libraries of religious institutions. The depths of the book a mystery only to all but the privileged few. One simply does not "throw away" a book.

But ours is an age where what was once scarce and valuable is now plentiful and, perhaps, not so valuable. There are bad books. There are mediocre books. There are books past their usefulness.


And I have taken this truth to heart this year. I am still buried in books, but . . . I have sold several school books that Miss Adventure and I no longer need or will not use. :-) Not a huge sum collected, but enough to pay for this year's science curriculum.

I have given away several stacks of books. :-)

And I have tossed quite a number of books into the recycle bin.

I have a shelf in my bookcases full of items I know I do not want, but haven't yet decided what course to take: toss, donate, attempt to sell. But each time a book leaves the house, I feel this sense of lightness. I still have two piles of books in my bedroom, a crate of books in the living room, two or three crates of books under the stairs, and four boxes of books in the garage to go through for the first go around.

My goal for this year is to gather all books to the bookcases and have done an initial purge of unwanted materials. Next year, once that's done, I want to go through the remaining books, culling down to one bookcase. I keep reminding myself that I love our local library and use it extensively. I don't "need" a lot of the school books I have. The library does an excellent job of storing books.

Here's to a lovely fall and the lightness of less.

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