Sunday, September 18, 2016


Finally a moment to catch my breath. What a week. But, remembering my goal at year end is a blog book of our year, that story will have to wait its turn.

August was full of keeping up with the garden and getting ready for the start of school. Part of that getting ready was moving Ben and his sweet heart into new digs for the new term. We had them both here for a few days between apartment move out dates and availability dates. Our home was stuffed to the gills with stuff. But it has all worked out, and now they are settled in and focused on school and work.

My little guy isn't so little any more. But he did have the best start to any school year yet. He really likes his high school teacher, which is fabulous for he may be his teacher for seven years. But he has grown so much in the past year. He is growing tall! And he has become a leader in the special ed class. His reading has improved a couple of grade levels. He is communicating more. His horizons are expanding more than we had thought possible just a couple of years ago. Mr. Wonderful and I may actually get an empty nest -
in a decade or so.

Miss Adventure and I have made a fabulous start to our home school year. We are on schedule! She is handling the advanced math I planned for her very well. She is progressing well in reading comprehension. Things to work on, of course, but things are going very well.

And this happened in August.
          We have a new member of our family,
little Midnight.
 I really love this cat, and he's a black cat.
How perfect is that?

Almost autumnal equinox;
how I love the shortening days.
 Blessings, friends.

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