Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Another Zoo Trip

Since my guy's school had an extra long Labor Day break, on a Tuesday we headed for the zoo.


After feeding the fish at one of our favorite spots, we came to a tram stop just as the tram was pulling up. Well, of course, we had to ride the tram.

We were headed for the gorilla exhibit, which was but one stop away, so we decided to ride to the stop after that, by the hippos, and make our way back.


One never knows which animals will be active and capture one's attention. Today, the lions were lazy, but the Red River hogs had just decided to get up from their naps and wander down to their stream as we passed by. Cool.

When we finally got to the gorilla exhibit, we found that the baby we had been hoping to see was off exhibit for the day.

But the okapi and the saddle beak crane were out and about.


And the gorilla area usually involves a stop at the play ground. :-D

After another tram ride, we found a new place to feed the fish where we found these gorgeous ducks!

Miss Adventure really wanted to go to the petting zoo area. Our zoo's petting area has farm animals from different continents - an Asian farm, an African farm, and an American farm.

What a beautiful horse.

A shaggy donkey.

Turkeys, just hanging out.

Fun way to spend our extra holiday.

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