Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Up a Tree

Miss Adventure had been wanting to climb a tree for quite some time. We finally have a tree big enough to climb. But I wanted her to wait until July 1 before she attempted. (If she were to fall and break an arm I wanted the 60 day insurance waiting period to be passed!)
So July 1 arrived and Miss Adventure was so excited to try. She did try. And try. And try. Late morning she came inside, almost in tears. She just couldn't make it up the first branch.

I had been surripetously watching her all morning. I knew she was having trouble, but I really wanted her to figure it out on her own. At this point though, I could see frustration was overwhelming her. After lunch, I told her, I would give her a boost.

It didn't take much of a boost for her to be up. Oh, she was excited.

I puttered in the garden while she enjoyed her leafy perch, waiting to make sure she could descend on her own. She did easily.

Later that afternoon, she wanted back up the tree. But she also knew I would not be keen on coming to give her a boost every time she wanted up, so she tried again by herself. Success! On her own success! She was so excited that she could do it by herself.

Miss Adventure, tree climber.

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