Saturday, July 9, 2016

Once Again, At the Helm

Only one week after graduation and we were in the thick of things once again - production week for Miss Adventure's dance studio!
And this year, I am at the light board. This sort of thing is so much fun for me. It is also a lot of work, several hours every day for seven days in a row. I ended up with a light cue list with over 120 cues. And Sunday morning, after Saturday night's show, I made over 50 changes since this year there were two different shows. (The dance section and music section of the academy combine for a big production every other year. To accommodate all the littlest dancers and musicians, two different shows are needed.) Whew! A bit complex, but then I love a challenge. I am already looking forward to next year.

Miss Adventure had two parts in the Saturday night show. Her jazz class danced to the Theme from the Pink Panther, the quintessential jazz class song. :-) Here she is in most of her costume for that dance, hamming it up in a dressing room.

Her other part was from the acting class she took. They sang and had a few lines about being a dog. Such a cute Dalmatian.

After the show, she was thrilled to receive her first flowers. She waited *patiently* for mama to finish with a short post-show production meeting. She discovered what all the hard work is for and is now looking forward to next year. And high on her list of classes - hip hop! Oh my.

Peace out and remember -
Kindness Matters!

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