Friday, July 15, 2016

Holiday Zoo Fun

July 2, Saturday morning and Mr. Wonderful has a three day weekend because of the 4th holiday. We needed to do something a little special. So we headed for the zoo. Mr. Wonderful and My Little Guy had not yet had an opportunity to see the elephants.


We stayed quite a while under the cool shade of the viewing platform. Perhaps a little too long for some?

We love to feed the fish!

After checking out the elephants, we decided to do something we rarely do - go on the boat ride. (Most of the time when we visit, the boats aren't operating since we usually go during less crowded times.)
 On our way to  the boats, a plane flew low overhead, making its approach to our airport. I still love to watch these amazing machines. I may be a bit of a rube, but I think it's cool when a large airplane flies so low and so loud overhead.

While waiting for our departure time, we checked out these little guys - prairie dogs. Hadn't visited them in a long time. The zoo has had to make their enclosure a little tighter. :-D


Waiting for our boat, the River Blue, to load.

Miss Adventure will have to wear a life vest, but the rest of us are expendable, I guess. :-)

Already making friends.

Good-bye dock.

The ride is cool since it generates a bit of a breeze on this hot, humid, and still day.


Lemur island!

The boat circles around Lemur island, past the new elephant exhibit. The elephants can enter this water, but there is an underwater fence to keep them from leaving.


The bridge to the gorilla exhibit.


Returning to the dock where the captain of the Murky Green awaits to bring our boat in close and tie it off.

Once the boat ride was over, we were hungry for lunch and had had enough zoo. Off for a bite to eat before heading home for more holiday fun.

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