Friday, July 8, 2016

Graduation Day

Sunday, May 22, Graduation Day. It was a beautiful, but windy May day.

Balloons to mark the occasion and the house for our guests. The chemist will be sporting tie-dye under her gown. It's a chemistry department thing. :-)
 Posing with the littles. Geologist Ben and his sweetheart will be here soon. They will watch the littles and help with finishing touches for supper so that Mr. Wonderful and I can really enjoy her graduation.

Before long she left for the class photo.
Yep, that's all of them. The graduating class of 2016. The chemist is one or two rows from the back, but dead center. I can pick her out, but then a mama can. ;-)

Getting lined up.

Here they come. The college begins tolling its bell as they enter the stadium. She's in there somewhere.


They all touched the threshing stone when they first arrived at orientation their first year at the college. Now they touch it once again as they are leaving.
 Lining up in their seating area. I can just see her nose and forehead. And I only know it's her because I learned to recognize the two before her. One long-haired, sun glasses wearing, cool dude followed by a very tall fellow. Not just kind of tall, very tall. Then the chemist. :-)

The commencement speaker, Maestro Daniel Hege. I told the chemist that many years before, when the local orchestra did a concert with a choir, I was in that choir, which was guest conducted by, you guessed it, Mr. Hege. The chemist rolled her eyes and said that *of course* I would know the speaker.

Waiting her turn.

 Did I mention it was windy?

Diploma in hand. WooHoo!!!

Proud Papa!!

 With Dr. Layman, but to the chemist, Katie, her advisor and friend.

 Janet, with whom she traveled to New Orleans for PitCon.

It was a tough four years, but I am so very proud of my chemist! 

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