Monday, July 11, 2016

Deck Project

You would think I would be ready for a break by now. And I mostly certainly was, but . . . with the house freshly painted and looking great, the deck was showing its need for a sealing job. I had been waiting for the right opportunity - that is about 5 days with no rain forecast. I did lights for the final show on Sunday afternoon, then Monday started a five day stretch of no rain forecast. Here was my chance, the fact that I really wanted a break was immaterial.

I started by power washing the deck. That was exhausting enough, but it looked great, all clean and shiny. It also meant I finally got a break, because the deck needed to be thoroughly dry before staining.

A couple of days later, I stained. And stained. And stained. It took me until 11pm to get it finished. I had to wait until the deck was in the shade to begin or the stain would dry too fast. Then I needed to work quickly and completely. I was so very tired when I finished.

Then the deck needed to be left alone to dry. I tried to arrange the patio chairs in a "You shall not pass!" fashion. Only a couple of  mishaps, both, thankfully, after the deck had mostly dried - not too bad with the crew I have.

Finally finished and it looks great!

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