Monday, July 18, 2016

A Blast on the Fourth

With apologies to pet owners who hate the 4th of July, I LOVE fireworks. Big bangs, pretty sparkles, the smell of gunpowder -
I mean, how fabulously fun is it?!

This year was especially fun because Mr. Wonderful's employer gave me the loan of several tubes and a couple of racks, schooled me in some basics, and *gave* me a big box of happiness.

Over 80 1.75" double breaks. Mr. Wonderful built me a couple additional racks so that I could have 40 loaded and ready to go. Oh my, it was fun. Mr. Wonderful also loaned me his electric ignite propane torch to use to light them. I did a few a couple of nights before the big show on Monday, both to get some practice in and to add to the anticipation for the littles.

But Mama also bought some fun for her littles.

My Little Guy loves lighting the smoke bombs. (And it's something I will let him handle on his own.)
Miss Adventure loves lighting the smoke bombs as well. I also had a dozen or so of the parachutes for daylight fun. I wore Miss Adventure and her friend out chasing them in the hot afternoon sun. :-)

Fountains and assorted others rounded out the evening. We took turns with our next door neighbors shooting things off so we had something going all the time and double the fun.

Love the Fourth!   

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