Monday, June 13, 2016

Wrapping Up Senior Year

The last few weeks of her college days, the chemist was busy wrapping up several ongoing projects.
First, there was the student art show (both the drawing of the man sitting and the blue wolf are the chemist's work), where all non-art major students exhibit some of their work. Miss Adventure and I made it over to check out her pieces.

The blue wolf picture was also used in the student art magazine. It had a cool poem with it. So neat to be chosen.

 One of her goals in painting this final semester was to study light. Hence, a night scene on campus.
 She also displayed her final project of the prior year, an assignment to take a recognized master painting, divide it into 25 sections, then paint 24 in the style of 12 different masters and the final section in your own way. Bizarre, but cool.
She also had a couple of paintings that she traded with potters. This really colorful underseascape.

And this fantasy work. Also, very cool to have your work desired by your fellow artists.

She was particularly pleased with a couple of details on this one. The scaly effect achieved on the mermaid's skin.

And the distance effect with the gathering sharks.

Finally, there was the senior presentation. I was able to run over to campus to support her. The culmination of 2 year's work. And she was very glad to have it finished.
 In the midst of painting the house and finishing school, my irises bloomed like madness this spring.
Kindness matters. 

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