Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rainy Days

It seemed like it rained just enough while I was painting the house to allow me enough time to do laundry and shop for groceries, then it was back to painting, painting, painting.

Well, almost. I did take the occasional day for fun. One of those days in mid-April, my little guy had the day off school, so I took the littles off to the botanical gardens.
 They had had a fairies and tulips festival a week before, and there were lots of tiny little fairy gardens to spy out all through the gardens.

And while the tulips were past their prime, there were still some gorgeous beds.

We *had* to feed the fish.

We found the bees! We did, however, keep our distance, leaving them their peace.

We also found some kid-sized fairy houses. 
 Our botanical garden has a wonderful children's area.

 I love these little paths through the hedge. I am just short enough I can't see over them. I always get this Alice-in-Wonderland feel walking through them.


 What a wonderful, fun, drizzly day!

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