Friday, June 17, 2016

My Little Guy

In the midst of all the activity of May, my little guy turned 15!

His birthday did get a little lost amidst all the painting and prepping for graduation. But he did ask for cupcakes and could they be vanilla, please? You bet! We had enough to send some to school the day before classes let out. This year, his birthday was the first day of summer break. Last year, we had taken off 2 days early in order to afford our beach condo, where his birthday happened during vacation. Next year, son, next year, it shouldn't be so overshadowed.

And in honor of his birthday, I will share a story of something that happened just a couple of days ago. He was playing Minecraft while I was working with Miss Adventure finishing up her school. (We had been working ahead, knowing that once I started painting things would slow down. They slowed way down and we got a teensy bit behind. We've just a few more things to finish up.) I noticed that he was making a sign. I went back a few minutes later and asked to see the sign. He ignored me, setting blocks in a new building, but I persisted. Finally, he said, "I can't do that right now." WOW! I was delighted by this complete sentence. Not just "no," but a sentence that recognized my request, but politely put it off. Later, when I paused to check out his world, he set off on some quest. I waited a bit, then he entered the building where he had made the signs. On one door,"boys restroom," and on another, "girls restroom." So cool. He remembered my request, was at a stopping place so he could show me. I'm pretty pleased.

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