Monday, June 6, 2016

House Painting

After last year's micro-burst, our battered house really needed a new paint job.
  I was NOT going to paint it beige again. I decided on a color, then painted this little corner. LOVE IT!
So I painted the entire north wall in one afternoon. I got this.
I had no clue.

Fortunately I mentioned to my sister that I was painting our house. She was planning on visiting our parents that weekend. Instead, she insisted that they meet me here to help. I am so, so very grateful she did. She knew. She had painted a couple of sides of her home. She knew just how large a project it is.
My dad is very confident on ladders. He graciously did all the high places. Mr.Wonderful's injuries make ladder work more difficult for him. I did get more confident and higher the more I painted, but I really did not want to go up to the peaks.
I didn't get any pictures of my sister helping. Too much painting to be snapping too many photos. But Miss Adventure is always mugging for the camera.

It took much, much longer than I had expected. It consumed my life for five weeks. (Which then put me way behind on normal life things.) I could not have done it without my Dad and sister. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
 But the results are so worth it.
I love the color. (Yes, red doors!)

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