Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I'm pausing the catching up of our activities to share a garden update. It is growing so fast. The pictures I took just a few days ago are already "old." But . . .
This year we have put up a 2 foot high fence to attempt to keep rabbits at bay. I think they may still be able to get in, but it's a lot harder and they just don't try to often. I am actually able to get little plants started this year. Yay! We can step over the fence, and, in a couple of weeks, the plants will hopefully be big enough that we can take it down for the rest of the summer.
On the deck, my flower boxes are so colorful.
I have finally managed to get a decent sized basil plant in my big pot. This will hopefully be a plant we can take in to have fresh basil all winter. The chives are looking good as well.
My cherry tomato is at the top of its cage.

And it has tons of little tomatoes. And I've now got a couple that are a day or two away from ripe!
 In the garden, the tomatoes are looking good and bearing tons of fruit.
The watermelon plants are just beginning to spread.
The potatoes are close to being ready for harvest. :-)
Pepper plants haven't really grown much yet, but still I have a pepper or two ready to eat.
In my corn flowers I found a bee!
And the corn flowers (or bachelor's buttons as I grew up calling them) are in my corn. I planted 4 kernels each spot I wanted 1 plant, hoping for better luck at having my plots in sync - important for corn. I've had to pull up several plants, since our rabbit fence is working so well, but I think I managed to get the corn all up at the same time.
I'm trying the three sisters method again. Only this year I waited until the corn had been up a week or two before planting the beans and the pumpkins. The pumpkins are looking fabulous. I do have beans in there as well, just harder to tell.
One of two new strawberry patches and last year's patch really producing the berries. The onions are ready now as well.
 All four of our apple trees seem to be doing well.
 But only one of the four cherry trees lived through the winter. We'll try again this fall for it needs a pollinator. 

Took just two days to empty the rain barrels. I'm thinking I need more capacity! :-D

Stay cool and remember -
Kindness Matters!

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