Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Garden Start

With all the extra this spring, it was very hard to get the garden started, but somehow I managed.
 The potatoes actually went in on time. I began to worry if very many would come up. A couple of plants were quick and vigorous, leaving me to wonder about the rest, but, eventually, every potato planted came up! The plants are so much bigger now. Which has me anticipating a good harvest. :-)

Last year's strawberry starts began producing berries so early this year.

 I had this little set up to start seeds. Then I left them out one afternoon to soak up some sun while I painted. I was exhausted at the end of the day and simply forgot them. The wind kicked up and my little tray went flying. Here's the second try. But it was just too late.
I finally ended up buying plants for my peppers and tomatoes this year. There's always next year! And with all my busyness, some of these almost didn't make it as I took so very long to get them into the garden itself.
Like the irises, the viburnum bloomed like madness. However, my lilacs were damaged by a late frost. I guess one can't have them all.

In our cottonwood, I found a nest again this spring.
 With a couple of robin's eggs. The eggs have since hatched, and the little birds have grown and flown away.  

Weeding is now desperately needed. I must post current garden photos soon. It's looking good this year!  

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