Wednesday, June 15, 2016


So I've finally gone through April's photos. On to May. The week before graduation, we took off for the city with a list of errands. But the zoo had just opened to members its new elephant exhibit. We had to stop. We were a team on a mission, heading right for the new exhibit at a very quick pace.
 The new exhibit is wonderful. Lots of space for these beautiful creatures. And a little spot for a few pelicans, too.

There's even a swimming hole with waterfall.
The chemist is looking much more relaxed these days as she only has one final, and that's not for another six days.
Their barn is huge, bigger than the former outdoor exhibit.
And equipped with a Big Ass Fan. Mr. Wonderful gets these trade magazines for the construction world, and one of the advertisers is a company that makes very large fans, Big Ass Fans. Their logo is, of course, a donkey. We know a Big Ass Fan when we see one. :-D

One of the things I love about zoo membership is that one can stop by the zoo just to see one or two things. One doesn't have to spend all day to get one's value from admission. For many years for us, just two visits in a year and the membership was the less expensive way. Now, we purchase a premium level both to support our zoo, and to allow us to bring one of the first family without additional cost. Today, it was a quick visit to see the elephants!

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