Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Making Me Smile Today . . .

My irises.
 I love my flowers.

And now I've got strawberry flowers.

A parsley plant managed to make it through the winter.
And this oregano!

This year I put out onion sets instead of trying to get them to grow from seed. Wow! Fantastic.
I've also got one potato plant peeking up. I do so hope the rest emerge. I really liked my harvest last year and am looking forward to even more potatoes this year. I keep telling myself to be patient. :-D
 I've got seeds soaking and little cups ready to go. The eggshells I used last year were just too small. These little paper cups are a littler bigger, yet fit more compactly, optimizing my grow light space.

I've now managed to power wash three sides of the house in preparation for painting. I do love painting, but the prep work, while so necessary, is so not fun. *sigh* Gotta keep on keepin' on.

Peace out, enjoy this spring, and remember -
Kindness Matters.

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