Thursday, April 14, 2016


So we're painting our house. Well, we hope to paint it some time in the near future. We are still working on power washing.

Last Saturday started beautifully. I put my little seed starts out to soak up some warm sunshine. Then proceded to finish some chores and begin the big task of the day. More power washing. We worked all afternoon. By supper time we were so close to finishing the east side that we just kept going. Then we picked up some take-and-bake pizza for a late supper and a movie in front of which to collapse.

Just before bed, I remembered my seed starts. I went out to bring them in. They weren't where I had left them. The wind had picked up and I had been too tired to notice. Empty paper cups were scattered on the lawn and my little tray was no where to be found.

Arrgh! But what is two weeks . . . to a gardener . . . in spring?!

Then yesterday, I was finally getting seeds to soak for a second go around. I couldn't find my new seeds anywhere. I *just* had them two weeks ago. Never did find them. My guess is that I put them back into the mailing envelope to keep them from getting lost, then in a fit of tidying up, I put the mailing envelope in the recycling . . . last week . . . the trash has since been picked up.

Arrgh! But what is two weeks . . . to a gardener . . .  in spring?!

I refuse to let this get me down! It is a beautiful day. I have other seeds that I have finally gotten in soil cups today. I have put carrot seed in the garden. I will get my lost seed re-ordered today if it kills me. And the chemist has her first real adult-type job interview today!!

And once I finish my lunch, I'm off to power wash.

Peace out and remember:
Kindness Matters!

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