Thursday, March 31, 2016

When It Rains . . .

February, even with its multiple trips to help with clearing out Mr. Wonderful's mother's home, was pretty good for us financially. We ended the month with a little extra. Yay!

March, on the other hand, has used up that little extra and then some. First the chemist's car was not holding a charge. Fortunately, all it has needed is garaging and a new battery. And a new tire . . . for now. Something about rods not having any more adjustment left to make it straight. We just need it to hold together through graduation and a couple of months of working so that she can get a decent vehicle.

Then the geologist's vehicle bit the dust. Multiple things failing at once. It went to the salvage yard. Hooray that we could actually *drive* it to the salvage yard. But Mr. Wonderful's mother really can't drive any more. We picked up her vehicle for the geologist. Except it just blew a head gasket and broke something or other. 2K+ to get it running. But we couldn't replace it for less, so my little savings to replace my car will repair his. Mine does still run.

Then the heat pump wouldn't pump heat. Not close enough to summer to do without. The repair wasn't too bad, but we are warned. It will need replacing soon, very soon. 3.5 to 4K. *sigh*

And we still have to buy paint for the house.

Then yesterday, I broke a tooth. I just got back from having the sharp edge smoothed, such a relief. But I need a crown. *sigh* There are sufficient funds in the medical needs account to cover it. I'll just put off getting my hearing checked. (I probably need a hearing aid.) And Mr. Wonderful does need new glasses. Does it ever end?

Good grief. The attacks on our little emergency fund can stop any time now. First world problems, I know. I *do* have an emergency fund, albeit very much depleted. But still . . .

Peace out and remember.
Kindness Matters. 
That seemingly rude person you just ran into may be facing a crown, car repairs, and a need for a new furnace. 

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