Sunday, March 27, 2016

Swim Meet and Birthday Girl

The end of March is a busy time for me. Two different spring breaks, two birthdays, spring garden chores beckoning. This year is no different.

Last Thursday, my little guy had his annual special ed swim meet. I got to sit on a hard backless bench for an hour and a half to watch my little guy swim one length of the pool. Not even one lap. I was disappointed in that he did so very little compared to prior years. But his smile and the light in his eyes when he saw me at the end of his swim made it worth it.

 Then on Friday, it was the chemist's 23rd birthday.
 My favorite photo was blurry, but she had such a nice smile.

Concentrating, getting ready to blow the 5 (2 decades plus 3 years) candles out.
Pretty flowers for a pretty lady. :-)

And talented lady. This is her painting in a local shop window as part of a local art competition. Pretty cool!

Peace out and remember
Kindness Matters.

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