Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mr. Wonderful!

Sunday was Mr. Wonderful's birthday. And we woke up to . . .

. . . Snow!

Our only snow this winter was wet and beautiful and melting. Weird to be outside in the warm sunshine without a coat and several inches of snow. I really like snow in this scenario. No shoveling. No worries about any travel. But fun stuff with which to play.

Mr. Wonderful got a birthday pie! Ben and his sweetie joined us for lunch to celebrate.

And once enough snow had melted away, we had an Easter egg hunt.

One runs past, missing many, but snatching up easy finds.

One is slow and methodical, getting every egg in an area.

But he can still miss the obvious (egg on the rain gauge).
 Even searching slowly, Miss Adventure can miss the obvious (faded orange egg, just in front of the leg of the play set).

My little guy soon had a full pumpkin (they functioned quite well, even if they weren't holiday appropriate, thank you very much). He decided he had enough and went inside to play video games.

This one was left to finish finding the tough ones. But enough were left for her to have a full pumpkin, too. 

Happy birthday, Mr. Wonderful.

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