Friday, March 11, 2016


Goodness! but the weather has been gorgeous lately. Everything is starting to bud out and bloom. Which has me a bit concerned. It is very early for this nice weather. And now the 10 day outlook has below freezing temperatures out about 8 days. I do hope things aren't hurt too badly by it.

In the meantime, the elm is bursting with flowers and seedlings.

My favorite tree, the cottonwood, is getting so big! :-)

It is about to burst out in leaves.
  Even a weed can bring a spot of cheery color.

Hyacinths by the rain barrel. I *love* their fragrance.
Little lettuces poking their beautiful green selves out of the ground. Need to thin already. Need to plant potatoes and onion sets soon.

 The strawberry plants are greening up as well.
Tiny golden joy!

My lilacs are leaving out. This one has tiny flower buds. So hope they aren't hurt by a late freeze!
We are preparing to paint. Makes me tired just thinking about it. But in preparation, we've trimmed loads from the viburnam. You can't even tell.

The rose trellis has been tilted down. Mr. Wonderful was happy with how easily that worked.

 My pretties have been taken down, and we've taken out the Japanese burberry. Neither of us liked those prickly bushes. We haven't figured out just what we're going to do with that space. We'll have plenty of time to contemplate as we paint.
And we're changing colors!! No more beige-y dullness. We're going with a green, keeping the almond-y trim. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Peace out and remember.
Kindness Matters.

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