Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Wow! I had an absolutely fabulous January, followed by a very busy start to February, so . . . I've been just a little slow about blogging. So to begin catching up, my birthday!

Geologist Ben and his sweetheart drove down on a cold January Saturday to help me celebrate my birthday. Their classes at university didn't start for a couple of days yet, so I got a treat. All my children home for my day.

We started by going to the zoo, leaving the house quiet for the chemist who was taking a very rigorous interterm class. Instrumental Analysis - 3 hours of lecture each day, followed by 3 hours or so of lab, followed by lab write-ups, homework, papers, preparing for presentations and exams; a 4 hour class crammed into 3 very short weeks, during half of which she had an extra commute added to things. Her college and another nearby college combine the class so that students can get exposure to more equipment.
We started at the petting farms.

 In the winter, with fewer visitors, the animals really enjoy extra treats!
The penguins were out swimming, even jumping out of the water as they swam along.

We were getting chilly, so we headed for the jungle building.
It is so green and warm inside. It chases away any winter blahs!
Of course, a photo behind the waterfall!

This brave birdie was building a nest right on the walkway.


Warmed up, we moved onto the North American plains and a photo at the bear fountain.

The bald eagle had just been given a rabbit. This particular bird was injured and can no longer fly.

 The red panda was out today!
This little guy is so cute.

 We arrived at the tiger exhibit at the perfect time. The zoo keepers were feeding hamburger treats to these gorgeous cats. In doing so, they were also checking for injuries and general health.
My little guy wasn't too sure about things when they opened up the glass, leaving just the fence between him and the tigers. We had to move to the back of the observation building, and it took him awhile to settle down. But he eventually began to be a little less anxious.

The rock this lion is sitting on is heated to encourage the lions to be out even on chilly days.

 What a magnificent creature.
When we got home, Jess had brought presents back from the west coast, where she spent most of her break working . . .
 . . . at a restaurant at a certain doll shop! Two mini American girl dolls. Miss Adventure is one lucky girl.

After presents, Mr. Wonderful took *ALL* of us out to supper. It was such a treat to go out. "Table for seven, please!"

I had made cupcakes, instead of a cake. But the only cupcake papers I had were Halloween ones with little decorations to poke in the cupcakes.
How perfect.

One of the best birthdays I've had.    

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