Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fabulous January

As if a great birthday wasn't enough, there were several more joys in my January.

The very next week after my birthday, I had the most amazing gift of an evening with a friend. My BFF from before Kindergarten! Way, way, way back we lived next door to one another, went to the same school, and became best friends. Then her family moved, then my family moved, and we drifted. We both went to the same state university for a time and were roommates. We re-connected. Then I moved and married. She moved and married. And we drifted again. (Mind you, this was before social media. It was a lot tougher to stay in contact. One missed address change . . .)

Anyway, we managed to find one another again on social media. But she was on the east coast and I was in the mid-west. Between jobs, and children, and limited funds, we had to be satisfied with short exchanges on fb.

Then she tells me she's going to be in my home town on business. Would I like to get together for supper? Would I?! You bet. But *my* hometown?? She specifically said my hometown. Not the nearby city. A wonderful set of bizarre coincidences landed her here in my hometown on business.

We closed down the restaurant, then sat and talked for another hour and a half. I haven't laughed so much in ages.

Tammi, it was a BLAST seeing you again.

But January was not finished with me yet. The very next week a dear friend had an extra ticket to the symphony, would I like to join her? Would I?! You bet.

We enjoyed supper at a lovely little restaurant in the city, then on to the symphony for an evening of Gershwin. We talked and talked.
My friend, it was sooooo good to catch up with you!!

Still January was not finished with me. Can a girl really have too much fun?! The last Saturday of the month Mr. Wonderful and I had business in a university town near the bigger city. The Chemist was between interterm and the start of spring semester. She offered to watch the littles. We could be without children. My goodness what a treat to go out to lunch and only have to worry about one's self! We did have work to do, but it was so fun to be just the two of us out and about.

I truly had a fabulous January!

Peace out and remember:
Kindness Matters.

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