Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Late Look at Christmas

I hosted my family for the winter holiday this year. My parents arrived on the 25th. We spent the afternoon at the zoo, as you know. 
The sunset that evening was full of gorgeous color.
My sister and her husband arrived on the 26th.
I actually set a table *with* holiday pretties. I had to take a photo because this doesn't happen very often and I was very pleased with how it turned out. :-)

My sister brought gifts. For the littles - one an x-box game and one a Wii game. And I have been so grateful for Mario cart this past week, the second week of winter break, too cold to be out much. 
 Plus each little also received a nerf bow with missles.
 How much fun that is! How hard not to shoot them off in the house. But my littles have been so good! They bundle up, go outside and shoot for a bit, then hustle back into the warmth.
Once my parents departed to beat the night and rain, we got out this awesome puzzle. Two thousand pieces. It's a good, addicting puzzle.

My little guy saw it lying out Saturday night while Mr. Wonderful and I took advantage of the geologist's offer of sitting. He helped clear the table by boxing it. I almost cried when we got back home that night.

But Sunday afternoon I looked in the box. He had carefully placed the already pieced areas in the box intact. Whew! The chemist and I worked all Sunday afternoon. All Sunday evening. Then I, afraid my little guy would help by putting it away again, had to stay up ALL Sunday night working on it. I finished around 8 am Monday morning. UGH! But I *had* to finish.

May your puzzles be solved.
And not take all night.

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